Going Gluten-Free in Melbourne

For anyone who is suffering with celiac disease, the diet is among the major concern in his everyday living. One needs to make a lot of adjustments on what he or she should not eat since there is danger involved when someone with celiac consumes something with gluten, a certain protein identified to be the trigger of this condition. The number of people with Coeliac disease in Melbourne and in Australia is growing by the year. But living gluten free in Melbourne need not be that hard.

First, you must properly take your doctor’s advises and follow his advises. Keep yourself away from anything that contains gluten. Today, there are many gluten-free substitutes for all the food you love. That way, there is no need to give up life’s pleasures of enjoying your favorite flavors. You also need to keep a list of food you need to avoid, especially when dining out.

However, to be on the safe side, only dine in known places that prepare gluten free meals. You can google for restaurants nearby. Though there are quite a number of places that offer gluten free in Melbourne, wouldn’t it be nice to dine somewhere that knows how to make special meals especially for people with celiac disease? That’s right. . Vicolo Café and Risotto Bar has a wide variety of perfectly-cooked mouth-watering gluten-free meals.

This cozy haven is nestled in Young Street of Moonee Ponds. With a pleasant environment and super friendly staff, dining in Vicolo is always a wonderful experience. With a wide list of celiac-friendly dishes and desserts, Vicolo is the perfect place to go Gluten free in Melbourne.

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