Living Gluten Free Every Day

So, your doctor broke the news: you have ceoliac diease. You were told that you have to begin observing Gluten free diet. Living gluten free every day can be a somewhat difficult if you have just discovered that you are sensitive to gluten or if you are wheat intolerant. Many things can change. Going on a gluten free lifestyle can be a struggle in the beginning but even the novice can quickly learn how to avoid foods that are harmful to them. Many may ask themselves what to do or where to begin. Here are a few tips to make Living Gluten Free a bit easier:

Remember that bread can be made from a variety of types of flour. Though there are varieties that are wheat based, and contains gluten which causes your sensitivity issues, there are many you can find which your body can tolerate. That way, you can keep sandwiches in your diet. Rice-based bread can be a good option. You can find many of this kind around that are good-tasting. In fact, toasting it better improves the flavor.

You may also need to get a rice cooker. Rice is a good option to replace the missing starch in your diet. Brown rice can be an excellent replacement for bread.

Be familiar with restaurants in your area that prepare gluten-free meals. Vicolo Café and Risotto Bar has a wide variety of perfectly-cooked mouth-watering gluten-free meals. Nestled in Young Street of Moonee Ponds, Vicolo is a paradise for anyone with Coeliac disease in Melbourne.

This place truly understands what gluten free diet is and makes it something to look forward to. Learning how to live without gluten may not be easy, but if you learn the basics of protecting yourself, you can still eat the foods that you love. And with places like Vicolo, living gluten free everyday is not only easier - - - but even pleasant.

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