Learning About Gluten Free Diet

Grains are always good. But what if you have gluten sensitivity? It is one very thing you have to keep yourself from.

The number of people with Coeliac disease in Melbourne and in Australia is growing by the year. The condition, also known as gluten sensitive enteropathy (GSE), coeliac disease or celiac sprue, is a relatively unknown autoimmune disorder.

Learn More About Celiac Disease:

Celiac Disease is a digestive condition that causes damage to the small intestine, resulting to inhibition of nutrients to be absorbed.

It is a type of autoimmune disorder which occurs due to a lack in cell-to-cell communication. When one has this kind of disorder, his own cells treats the neighbor cells as foreign resulting in an immune response against your own cells.

Why one develops this condition is still unknown though many researches are done to determine this, though it is largely believed to be genetic. New studies indicate that celiac disease is strongly associated with a group of genes on Chromosome 6 involved in the regulation of the body's immune response to the gluten protein fractions. With Celiac, a certain protein known as "gluten" has been identified to be the trigger and is harmful to those with celiac disease.

When the gluten is broken down inside the intestine, gluten peptides that bind to HLA-DQ8 or HLA-DQ2 trigger an inflammatory T cell response. Gluten proteins make up about 80% of the proteins that make up the inside portion of wheat, rye, barley and triticale.

If you are a Celiac Disease sufferer in Melbourne, it is good to be aware where to dine safely. There are not many restaurants that know how to prepare food suited for those on gluten-free diet. Vicolo Café and Risotto Bar has a wide variety of perfectly-cooked mouth-watering gluten-free meals. Nestled in Young Street of Moonee Ponds, Vicolo is the perfect treat for those with Celiac disease in Melbourne and for everyone.

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